Review: Mary L. Trump’s, “Too Much, Never Enough”

This was a fascinating, and extremely well written book! Studying narcissistic dynamics can at times feel academic, confusing, and far removed. Writing as a psychologist, with a doctorate in psychology, author Mary L. Trump, PhD, (niece of Donald Trump) lays three generations of her family’s dysfunctional history bare. It is a fascinating case study in the effects of emotionally unavailable and sociopathic parents on their children, the selection (and later rejection) of the “golden child,” and dynamics like competition and conditional acceptance. Readers also get a front-row seat to sad and troubling instances of emotional, verbal, and financial abuse, and their devastating consequences on adult children. 

I am sure that this book will be spun as a “political book.” And that is fair, because the authors stated motivation in writing this book is exposing the truth that lurks behind the Trump image. I cannot comment on the historical or political relevance or accuracy of the book. 

But as a psychological case study, and as a memoir, I thought this book was one of the finest books that I have read this year. Five stars. I highly recommend it!