Chantelle Neufeld: Online Therapist

Hello, friends! I would like to introduce you to my therapist. She works from home, through video or phone calls. She also does therapy via private messages/chat. I find her prices very reasonable. She is very available and kind.
She is a former ATI member (for those who have been through that), and understands Christianity and the ways we can be harmed by religion. She considers herself “spiritual” but not “Christian,” and also sees the good in Christianity. I can share from experience that she is very respectful of anyone’s belief systems, and will work with your beliefs, rather than trying to convert you. “Hypnotherapy” is not hypnosis: it is a way of relaxing, and telling a story, which becomes a way of communicating powerfully with our subconscious mind. I find it to be a very poetic and natural way to rewrite our stories. It is a bit different, but I have found incredible healing and health from it. She also does just normal talk therapy.
I recommend her strongly: I would not be where I am today without her.
PM me for more information. She’s great!

Chantelle Neufeld