Be Awesome! 😎

Birds don’t sing because they are showing off. They are not proud, vain, self-centred, competitive, egocentric, or immature. They just want to sing. Because God made them that way, and it makes them feel alive!

What is it that God made you to do? What makes you feel alive? Have been afraid to do it, because someone might think that you are not being humble enough? Haters gonna hate. Ignore them. You be you. Because you are awesome, just like God made you.

Religious Shame

I think one if the very emotionally healthy aspects of Christianity is the emphasis that in Christ, ALL our sins will be not only forgiven, but really washed away. No shame!

…the problem is, this emphasis on grace has, in my opinion, encouraged some to condone, even encourage feelings of guilt and shame in all their forms: no matter how unfounded, no matter how damaging. It is as though we want more shame, so that grace may abound!

…but shame is bad, folks. Really, really bad. It causes you to hate the body that God gave you. It causes you to abstain from really beautiful things that God meant for you to enjoy. It causes you to hide parts of yourself from friends who care. It causes you to cut off parts of your life that God intended to sparkle, but that somebody shamed you for.

If you’ve done something legitimately wrong, walk to the cross and get that shame off of you. But don’t let people convince you that to be a good Christian is to walk under a cloud of self-deprecation.

Be proud of what you are, and live it out loud, because God made you to be awesome! 😎