Jesus Was Not a Doormat

Jesus was not a doormat.
Jesus stood up to bullies.
Jesus walked away from mobs and false teachers.
Jesus left situations of harm.
Jesus never apologized for something he didn’t do.
Jesus did not back down and was not intimidated.
Jesus hurt people’s feelings. Really often.
Jesus damages people’s property and pride.
Jesus caused controversy and divisions.
Jesus didn’t loose sleep over lost followers or people being “disappointed in” Him.
Jesus never really fit in anywhere. He was ok with that.
Jesus spoke his mind, even when it meant losing followers, and rebuking his own friends.
Jesus spoke up to authority when he was wrongfully slapped.
Jesus was willing to suffer for a cause, even if it cost him everything.

Be like Jesus. Don’t be a doormat.

[Note: I posted this to my Facebook, and a friend replied that, in effect, we aught not to walk around smashing things and being mean. I agree. To clarify, I wrote the following…]

🤔 I’m thinking you all may have pointed out a needed corrective. Jesus was…Jesus. His motivation was love. He was on a mission of love, truth, and divine appointment. He was not a bully, he did not go around doing random acts of violence.

What I am speaking against is the extreme of people pleasing (“codependent” in psychological terminology). People pleasing is a coping skill often learned in childhood to survive a situation of ongoing rage and/or harsh discipline. People pleasing is not a good thing, and it blunts our ability to speak effectively in the world.

…but we also wouldn’t want to swing over to the other extreme of being a self-centred, unreasonable, heard-hearted bully. (In psychological terms, a “narcissist”). This is another response to trauma. “OK then. If I will be treated like that, I will just stop feeling. I will look out for #1 Nobody will tell me what to do.

Jesus was in between these two. He was a fully integrated human being. He could be moved to tears and actions from compassion. And he could be sparked to rage at injustice. He cared deeply for people and made close friends, but He also knew His is mind and moved clearly in a direction.

As Pastor Merle said one time, “the problem with backing away from something is that one cannot see where they are going.”

Perhaps I should have written this post in the positive, and concluded, “Be like Jesus.”

Thank you all very much for your feedback