Who are the Heretics?

What if…

…it’s really the conservative Christians who will only tolerate teachers who “tickle their ears”? 

What if only teachers willing to ignore the latest in research, shut down free though, and tell them exactly what they want to hear will have a job?

What if anyone who will not tell the story exactly how they remember it will be fired, blacklisted, and called a heretic?

What if “conservative congregations” are really scared boys and girls, afraid of change, and unwilling to hear and facts or evidence that might make the uncomfortable or force them to rethink cherished beliefs?

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I have been a missionary. I have been a pastor. I have been to seminary. Right now, I'm all about getting healthy, and caring for my family. The healthier I get, the closer I seem to get to God. ...and life seems to make more and more sense. It's working for me. Join me on my journey, if you would like.

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