I Don’t “Get” Pro-Life Politics…

Me: so I don’t really get the pro life argument. Could you explain it to me?

Every Evangelical Ever: unborn babies are humans, and their lives matter. 

Me: OK, yeah. I definitely get that. So what is your plan, exactly?

EEE: make abortions illegal. 

Me: OK, illegal for whom? The doctors or the women?

EEE: both. Or either. We are divided. 

Me: So if a woman wants to end her pregnancy, she should go to prison. And if a doctor wants to help her, he should go to. That’s it?

EEE: Something like that. But ideally, abortions would not be available at all. 

Me: Of course, the argument is that there will be unsafe and illegal abortions. 

EEE: yes, but far fewer. 

Me: yes, but very much more dangerous. 

Me: Does it bother you that most Americans and Canadians aren’t on board with this plan?

EEE: That is OK. We will just elect a very powerful politician to push our agenda. 

Me: So you want to make abortions illegal for people who want them, by electing a politician who won’t listen to the majority of his citizens?

EEE: Exactly. 

Me: But isn’t this anti-democratic?

EEE: No, because America was founded as a Christian nation. 

Me: I’m a Canadian. And also, weren’t the Natives here first?

EEE: Tish tosh. Western Culture is what really is responsible for America.

Me: But, the roots of Western Philosophy are actually more in Ancient Greece…but anyways…how will you impose your will on the rest of the population?

EEE: We are a strong voting block. As long as we all vote the same way, we can change policy on this issue. 

Me: OK, so I’m just wondering about some of the policies maybe we Christians should be attentive to…

EEE: like what?

Me: Like global warming. 

EEE: Oh, well that’s a myth. And if it’s true, there’s no way that humans are causing it. And if they are, there’d be no way to stop it. 

Me: We could try to work together to solve our problems. It has worked on other issues. 

EEE: You mean work with the UN?! Don’t you know they are the Antichrist? And don’t you know they are…

Me: pro-choice. Right. 

Me: So what about commercialism?

EEE: What do you mean?

Me: I mean what about the fact that our products were provided in unfair working conditions on the other side of the planet, by people not making a working wage? Shouldn’t we hold our politicians accountable? 

EEE: We can’t. It would dilute our voting power. 

Me: What about the crisis at the border? Do we care that kids are being permanently separated from their parents? That seems like something Jesus would care about…

EEE: We can’t talk about that, really. It would dilute our voting power. 

Me: Does it bother you that we now know that George bush secretly broke the Geneva Contract, by creating Guantanamo bay, and torturing prisoners of war, without a trial?

EEE: We can’t talk about that, really. It would dilute our voting power. 

Me: What about the fact that Bush brought in the patriot act, reneging basic human rights for anyone considered a “terrorist”?

EEE: Yes, but he was Gods man in the White House. 

Me: Is it a problem to you that they have now amended the Patriot Act to give the government the ability to track your online activities without a warrant?

EEE: Yes, but that was Trump. He’s pro-choice, so we can’t criticize him on anything. 

Me: Really? You can’t criticize him on anything?

EEE: No. that would dilute our voting base. 

Me: So you can’t critique him on his sexual immorality?

EEE: No. 

Me: His arrogance? 

EEE: Nope. 

Me: His blatant and chronicled racism?

EEE: That’s all media spin. 

Me: OK. I could go on. But it seems like this is redundant. Let me see if I can summarize. I definitely understand that an unborn child is a human, precious, made in the image of God. I think that knowing this is an excellent argument for yourself to decide not to have an abortion. However, I’m a little bit lost on why we are putting so much energy into controlling others. As Paul said, “those outside the church, God judges.” (1 Cor. 5:13)

It seems as though you are putting everything into a desperate attempt to elect somebody — anybody — into office who will go against the will of the majority, to outlaw abortions, that you are willing to give up anything to do it. Even your own freedoms, causes dear to Christ, and your own Christian values. 

In short, the pro-choice agenda seems to have become, for you, an idol before which you will sacrifice anything, even your own soul, to have and worship this god. 

For politicians, it seems a convenient chain. Politicians can yank that chain and you will all vote, without any thought at all to his or her flaws or other policies. And what has it accomplished? Even Trump could not abolish abortions. So what is the point of all of this…?


This is why — while I would never choose an abortion for myself — I am having a hard time right now being grouped in with the “pro-life evangelicals.”

I get their desire to protect life. But their desire for power scares me. 

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I have been a missionary. I have been a pastor. I have been to seminary. Right now, I'm all about getting healthy, and caring for my family. The healthier I get, the closer I seem to get to God. ...and life seems to make more and more sense. It's working for me. Join me on my journey, if you would like.

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